Introducing The Nevoa Nimbus

Our latest addition to our whole-room disinfection product line-up is one of a kind...literally. The only device on the market that utilizes the environmentally friendly Hypochlorous Acid to disinfect surfaces and air. Not only can it decontaminate the air and surfaces quickly, you can re-enter the room immediately following fogging. Proven to be 300 times more effective than manual cleaning with customizable cycles and data tracking make this device a no-brainer for your facility.

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EPA Approved & Tested

The Microburst solution achieves between a LOG4-6 kill on 100% of surfaces and is the ONLY hospital-grade HOCI disinfectant solution approved by the EPA for hospital use via fog.

Immediate Room Re-Entry

A common problem amongst most fogging devices is that you have to wait quite some time to re-enter the room post-disinfection cycle. The Nimbus allows for immediate room re-entry, improving efficiency.

No Shelf-Life Issues

The HOCI solution that is used by the Nimbus has a patented mixing cap that prevents shelf-life issues and ensures maximum potency at time of use. They come with barcode control for single use and data tracking. 

"...the form of free available chlorine having the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms..."

-U.S. FDA, 2015


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