Nevoa Nimbus

Let Nimbus handle what you can’t see! The Nevoa Nimbus whole room disinfection fogger is the only fogger on the market that uses HOCI fog. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution that allows for immediate room re-entry. HOCI is far more effective than bleach, it’s a naturally occurring substance which makes it environmentally safe. Patented mixing caps prevent shelf-life issues and ensures maximum potency. 100% of your surfaces and room air will be decontaminated using this whole room disinfection fogger which achieves a LOG 4-6 EPA registered efficacy.

The Nevoa Nimbus whole room disinfection fogger reduces manual labor by 64% and is proven to be 300 times more effective than manual cleaning alone. Automated air-scrubbing, filtration, and dehumidification allows for immediate room reentry after use. In addition to this great feature, the Nevoa Nimbus has customizable cycle times and data tracking which works wonders with OSHA compliance.

This whole room disinfection fogger is perfect for all hospitals, procedure/specialty waiting rooms, public bathrooms, operating rooms, great for bulk item disinfection, employee/staff rooms, and any waiting rooms.