Mass Transit

In 2019, Americans alone utilized public transportation systems 9.9 billion times. When traveling in confined public cabins it is critical for air to be regularly circulated and decontaminated. Safety Net’s mass transit air purification systems are necessary to protect travelers and ensure staff safety throughout their workday.

Indoor air quality is a tough problem to tackle on its own. Tackling indoor air quality when you have a tremendous amount of people traveling through your facility or in your vehicle is another story. Implementing the right system for a specific environment needs to be the norm, wasting money on low-efficacy and low efficiency air purification systems should be abandoned.

Our mass transit air purification lineup utilizes a myriad of different technologies that are perfect for the transportation sector. Our reps can work directly with your environmental services team to find the right system for you. Explore our lineup of mass transit air purification systems and find out which device works best for you.

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