Filling the Gaps in Your Infection Prevention Protocol

High-touch devices that move in, out and around your hospital including smart phones and tablets are a proven source of cross contamination and Hospital Acquired Infections.

UV Cube

The Safety Net AUVS UV Cube:  At 31” x 31” x 31” The UV Cube, is our largest Germicidal Enclosure, meets your high-volume demands and the need to disinfect larger items.

Options include: • EZ Computer Interface with adjustable cycle times • Increased Mobility with our Cube Cart (shown, left) 254nm Easy Fast Large Capacity Environmentally Friendly Safe Quick. Easy. Effective. • Disinfect Larger Items including Laptops, Keyboards and RF Devices • Disinfect More Handheld Items in a Single Cycle including Multiple Tablets, Cell Phones, PPE and More • Proven UV-C Germicidal Energy Destroys Bacteria, Spores and Viruses including Coronavirus • Adjustable Cycle Times with our Computer-Operated System or Use Pre-Set Cycle Times from 30 to 150-Seconds with Our Standard System • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical Free • Produces No Waste Products; No Harmful Odors • Based on Technology Protecting the Pentagon from Bio-Terrorism • Designed and Made in The USA

The Safety Net AUVS UV Box is the perfect addition to every hospital hand hygiene program. As mobile information technology expands throughout health care facilities so does cross contamination and Healthcare Acquired Infections.  Becoming widely referred to as The UV Box, the Safety Net AUVS KR615, fills the gap in your Hand Hygiene Program. Our UV Box

patented technology delivers a kill rate greater than or equal to 99.995% in 55 seconds for the toughest contaminants including MRSA and C.diff. spores.


  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Employee Badges
  • TV Remote Controls
  • And more!

Safety Net and AUVS let you put the solution at the source with the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure.

Becoming widely referred to as The UV Box, the Safety Net AUVS KR615 fills the gaps in your Infection Prevention Protocol, working continuously between terminal cleanings and providing a better option than wipes.

Patented UV technology delivers a kill rate greater than or equal to 99.99% for the toughest contaminants including MRSA and C. diff. spores.

Germ Protection that Lasts

Did you know that you come in contact with millions of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses daily? Are you concerned about the serious health risks posed by the transfer of these germs within your place of business? Did you know standard cleaning and disinfection products last only a matter of seconds, leaving the cleaned surface susceptible to recontamination almost immediately after cleaning?

At last, there is hope! Total touch protection fights germs between cleanings.

mPulse Hand Sanitizer is the perfect companion to your KR615 “UV Box”.

Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth

The Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth is the ideal tool for daily cleaning of practically every surface. It quickly removes dust and dirt and leaves no wipe marks. It is perfect for wiping down objects before they are placed inside the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure, and for cleaning interior surfaces of the KR615 “UV Box”. Microfiber, 15.7” x 15.7”, 0.11 oz.

Crystalusion Biostatic Antimicrobial Liquid Glass

Crystalusion Biostatic Antimicrobial Liquid Glass is a patented surface coating which creates a permanent nanoscale layer with long term residual protection. This layer holds within it, antipathogen agents, which are slowly released from the surface. One single application creates a barrier on any surface applied to making it 99.9% germ free for up to one full year. It is the ONLY device antimicrobial product delivering RESIDUAL protection.