UV, LED and Thermal

New advanced UV disinfection technology and UV-C solutions that promote a safer post-pandemic work environment.

PURO Lighting’s Helo and Sentry product lines, powered by Violet Defense® technology, represent a significant breakthrough in germicidal protection.

PURO Lighting products use a powerful, broad-spectrum light, including germicidal UV-C, UV-B and bactericidal UV-A to optimize their efficiency.

Proven to Inactivate SARS-CoV-2: In November 2020, two independent studies have conclusively confirmed that PURO UV Disinfection Lighting’s Helo F2 pulsed Xenon light unit effectively inactivates up to 99.99% live SARS-CoV-2 virus on glass, stainless steel, plastic and N95 respirator mask material.

When you need cost-effective UVC solutions, the Rollie and the GCD Corner Mount Luminaire are the perfect choice. 

Great for your mobile disinfection needs, the Rollie can easily be moved from room to room for quick, easy disinfection. Proven UV-C Germicidal disinfection destroys bacteria, spores and viruses including COVID-19.  Easy to move and easy to use.

The GCD Luminaire is an affordable, solution for permanently mounted UVC protection in all your rooms.  Mounted in the corners where the wall meets the ceiling, these UVC lamps can easily be switched on to disinfect unoccupied spaces after hours.  Offices, Bathrooms, Hotels and Retail stores are perfect places for the GCD Corner Mount Luminaire.

The Tantum and the Marco.  Keeping in mind the current circumstances where people’s safety and hygiene is of utmost importance, Safety Net offers two products to help you monitor your facility. 

Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology to detect visitors’ body temperature. However, what sets it apart is the industrial-grade binocular camera with live face recognition technology that enables face-with-mask identification. Its stranger warning function ensures further safety inside your premises. It is an absolutely contactless identification system that gives you freedom from traditional fingerprints and punching methods instilling a sense of elevated security amongst its users.

The Marco Door Frame temperature detector uses Thermal Imaging Technology to detect elevated temperatures of visitors who walk through it. This system successfully mitigates the risks of cross-infection by manual testing. Plus, it cuts off the chances of allowing people inside a space to prevent them from contaminating more people and surfaces.