Whole Room Disinfection

Altapure Foggers don’t just zap bugs, they ELIMINATE pathogens in a treated space including C. difficile spores, C. auris, MRSA, VRE, and CRE.  Our foggers deploy a sub-micron aerosol that reaches into every nook and cranny of a room to find and destroy pathogens where they hide.  Our built-in environmental air re-processor system allows for quick room reoccupation once the high-level disinfection cycle is complete.

  • Non-toxic, and food safe
  • Safe for all electronics and equipment
  • Meets the OSHA Mandate for a safe workplace.
  • Exceeds EPA Disinfection performance standard.
  • 6-log kill on spores, viruses and bacteria
  • Ability to fully treat and process 24 patient rooms in 24-hours.
  • Multi-Room Capable – able to treat connected areas and rooms and around corners
  • No-touch, fully automated and remotely controlled process.
  • Reduces Risk and Increases Profit for your facility.

Electrostatic Spraying Can Provide Both Whole Room, and Targeted Room Disinfection.

Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

  • Safer for workers, students, and others in the area: Low volume electrostatic spraying means less chemical exposure for everyone.
  • More effective than spray and wipe: The small droplet size and improved coverage substantially improves the bioavailability of disinfectant compounds.
  • Fewer sick days: Routine Disinfection limits transmission of many communicable diseases including bacterial infections, influenza, and other viruses, and digestive diseases such as the Norwalk virus or salmonella.
  • Less toxic chemicals can be used: The increased effectiveness allows more choices for disinfection and sanitization.
  • Better for the environment: By using safer chemicals and reducing waste, the total environmental load is substantially lightened.

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