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UV Products

Our array of UV disinfection technologies are flexible and easily integrated into workflow operations. Use the power of ultraviolet light to completely eradicate pathogens and viruses from the device/item of your choosing. Ranging from small to large chambers, we have gathered a line up of products that utilize the power of UV and drastically reduce environmental waste. 

UV Products

The ExpressPro

A rapid UV disinfection station designed for a contact-less experience and effective disinfection. Achieve a 5-Log kill on mobile devices and high-touch items quickly with the ExpressPro.

The UV Box

Contrary to the ExpressPro, the UV Box offers a larger disinfection chamber to disinfect more devices at a time. This tool is fantastic for break-rooms and everywhere in-between to make sure that shared devices and equipment are disinfected regularly and efficiently.

The UV Cube

This is the largest UV chamber that we have in our portfolio. Disinfect larger items such as laptops, keyboards, N95s, face shields, and any other type of equipment with ease. Stop wasting time spraying and wiping and achieve more with the UV Cube.

UV Installs/Stands

In November 2020, two independent studies have conclusively confirmed that PURO UV Disinfection Lighting’s Helo F2 pulsed Xenon light unit effectively inactivates up to 99.99% live SARS-CoV-2 virus on glass, stainless steel, plastic and N95 respirator mask material.

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