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What Classifiesa virus asa Coronavirus?

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How doesCOVID-19 spread?

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Our Mission

Safety Net’s mission is to be a national leader of innovative proven infection control & prevention solutions that promote safe and healthy living and working environments for our consumers whether they are in a healthcare, community, or business setting. Safety Net’s years of experience and suite of unique products and services provide proven results in preventing the spread of infections in every setting. We measure our success by our ability to provide a safer and healthier environment where you work . . . where you play . . . where you live, so that every person can breathe a little easier.

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With so much emphasis on the post-harvest issues with mold, mildew, and other forms of contamination, cannabis packaging needs to be reimagined and new approaches used for the protection of the products that go inside are needed.

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Cannabis contamination post-packaging is a growing concern for consumers. With products being recalled left and right, it only makes sense to have a post-packaging solution for this growing issue.

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As the need for cannabis products skyrocket, farmers face the dilemma of increasing production at the mercy of pest and diseases. Pest and diseases like mildew, HPLV, molds, and fungi have continued to plague cannabis farms, with farmers seeking solace in pesticides.