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What Classifiesa virus asa Coronavirus?

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How doesCOVID-19 spread?

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Our Mission

Safety Net’s mission is to be a national leader of innovative proven infection control & prevention solutions that promote safe and healthy living and working environments for our consumers whether they are in a healthcare, community, or business setting. Safety Net’s years of experience and suite of unique products and services provide proven results in preventing the spread of infections in every setting. We measure our success by our ability to provide a safer and healthier environment where you work . . . where you play . . . where you live, so that every person can breathe a little easier.

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Our Latest Articles

Small Bubbles, Big Changes – The Proven Benefits of Nanobubbles

The concept of Nanotechnology which has been around for quite some time now. It focuses on the design and manufacture of extremely small devices and structures and has been utilized in a variety of industries such as electronics, medicine, energy, textiles, weapons, and more. Nanotechnology can be used to create materials, devices and systems with […]

Electrostatic Sprayers Versus Conventional Sprayers – Saving Cannabis Growers Water and Time

Electrostatic spray technology is the best way to apply cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to help facilities treat surfaces, often in less time and with better coverage than traditional cleaning methods and devices.

How New Technologies Are Transforming Cannabis Packaging

With so much emphasis on the post-harvest issues with mold, mildew, and other forms of contamination, cannabis packaging needs to be reimagined and new approaches used for the protection of the products that go inside are needed.