Welcome to The Safety Blog

An unwanted byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic was the rapid spread of misinformation surrounding infection control & prevention. Our counter measure to this influx of inaccurate data was to create a blog that’s sole directive is to promote proper infection control & prevention information in an easy-to-read manner. The Safety Blog will be updated on a bi-weekly notice and cover a myriad of topics within and around the infection control industry. We hope you enjoy.


Go Back to School Safely

The spread of misinformation about disinfection products has made it confusing, if not risky, to choose the best products to keep students and faculty safe. Many companies have taken advantage of consumers and organizations by peddling information and disinfection products that are ineffective and potentially harmful if not used correctly.


The Proactive Approach to Infection Control

Thoughtful and diligent planning will drastically reduce gaps in workplace infection control & prevention plans, keeping us safer in the long run.


A Modern-Era Antimicrobial

Most antimicrobial products aim to attack bacteria by being absorbed by the microorganism, poison it from within, which kills it entirely. Penetrexx is different, instead of being absorbed it will remain on the surface long term. Even after the initial kill it will remain on the surface as a layer of molecular swords.