Mobile Device Disinfection

On average, people touch their mobile phones upwards of 2,617 times per day and engage in upwards of 76 separate phone sessions a day, setting a precedent for mobile device disinfection. That’s not including people who are considered “heavy” phone users. The amount of germs and bacteria that can live and thrive on mobile device surfaces is staggering. Numerous studies have been conducted over the past few years that have shown mobile phones and devices to be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Knowing what we know about cross-contamination and hand hygiene, it’s paramount to consider our mobile devices as an extensions of our hands. Whatever bacteria resides on your phone gets passed to your hands and vice versa, acting as a Trojan Horse for infection.

Safety Net, with decades of experience in infection prevention, has long-considered this modern transmission pathway a threat. Our reaction to these on-going studies has been to procure the best mobile device disinfection solutions around. Explore our state-of-the-art Crystalusion liquid glass protector and our highly-effective UV enclosures to fully eradicate pathogens from every inch of your device. Keep your hands clean with ease and reduce your potential for contracting an infection from your mobile device. Delve into our mobile device disinfection products below!

Quick Facts About Phone Usage

-On average, per year, we touch our phones nearly 1 million times.

-Average daily screen time is around 2.42 hours.

-Average users engage in around 75 separate phone sessions per day.

-The majority of people underestimate their phone usage.

Average Phone Touches Per Day

Daily Minutes Per Phone Session