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Safety Net Bio-Protection, LLC.

Comprehensive Disinfection Services for Eliminating Bacteria, Viruses and Odors

Safety Net Bio-Protection, located in Cincinnati, provides biological disinfection services that protect people and businesses from harmful bacteria, viruses, and odors. We offer EPA-Registered Enhanced Disinfection Solutions that save clients time and money. Depending on your environment, Safety Net Bio-Protection will deploy different methods of disinfection. Ranging from whole-room to enhanced targeted surface disinfection. We disinfect and protect long term giving you peace of mind. Contact Safety Net Bio-Protection and schedule your FREE ATP testing today!

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For Free ATP Testing

Call Safety Net today at (866) 918-8546 to have a service representative come out and administer a free ATP test of high-risk areas within your environment.

Custom Treatment Options

We recognize that your disinfection concerns are unique to your specific environment. In order to meet those demands we aim to help you select the best combination of infection control solutions and disinfection services tailored to your needs. We try to avoid the “one size fits all” method. As a result, our custom disinfection services will closely match your requirements, saving you money and reducing waste.

All of our disinfection services are environmentally friendly, meet and exceed the EPA’s rigorous validation processes, and ensure long-term protection. Utilizing the newest technologies such as electrostatic spraying systems, air purification systems, whole room foggers, and more is what separates Safety Net Bio-Protection from the rest.

As a result, our custom services closely match your unique requirements and avoids excess time, waste, unnecessary costs, and harming the environment.

Log-1 90%
Log-2 99%
Log-3 99.9%
Log-4 99.99%
Log-5 99.999%
Log-6 99.9999%

Log-Reduction Matters

All of our disinfection service methods are aimed to abate and reduce the amount of dangerous microorganisms in a given environment. One way in which we measure the success is through Log-reduction. Safety Net aims to achieve a 4-Log reduction (99.99%) and higher through procuring solutions and using decontamination methods specific to your environment’s needs.

Log-reduction graph

Markets We Serve

  • Hospitals
  • LTC Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Offices & Clinics
  • Education & Daycare
  • Airports
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Veterinary & Animal Facilities
  • EMS, Fire, & Police
  • Foodservice
  • Commercial Properties: Offices
  • Research Labs
  • Biomedical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Residential Properties

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