Filling the Gaps in Your Infection Prevention Protocol

High-touch devices that move in, out and around any environment including smart phones and tablets are a proven source of cross contamination and Hospital Acquired Infections.

Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth

Greenspeed Microfiber Clothes

The Greenspeed® Original microfiber cloth is the ideal tool for daily cleaning of practically every surface. It quickly removes dust and dirt and leaves no wipe marks.

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mPulse Hand Sanitizer

mPulse Hand Sanitzizer

MediDefense® mPulse™ Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary
NEW alcohol-free, ultra-moisturizing formula with advanced
antimicrobial technology proven to extend germ fighting
protection between hand washings

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mPower Laundry

mPower Laundry Detergent is specifically formulated as a regular use detergent which imparts an invisible antimicrobial shield on laundered items. This shield protects against harmful bacteria and viruses, and additionally odors and stains associated with mold and bacteria.

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Crystalusion Liquid Glass

Crystalusion Liquid Glass screen protector can help keep your hands clean by providing residual antimicrobial properties to your mobile device, tablet, sunglasses, etc.

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Hygiene compliance has never been easier than it is with Safety Net’s lineup of products. Curb cross-contamination at the source.