Solutions that save lives.


Safety Net, LLC is a privately held company based in West Chester Ohio. Our mission is to provide solutions that promote a safe and healthy living and working environments for our consumers whether they are in a healthcare, community, or business setting. Safety Net helps to achieve safer care environments for patients and residents in hospitals and long-term care facilities as well as in community settings such as homes and businesses. Safety Net offers many years of experience and a suite of unique products that have provided proven results in significantly reducing infections in every healthcare setting. Our specialty is infection prevention, but safe environments don’t stop there, we also provide easy access solutions in kitchens and bathrooms for those with limited mobility.

A Word from our Founder, Ron Romano

“Infection control and prevention has never been more important than it is today. The spread of harmful, and more frequently deadly, pathogens is a concern for everyone. The workplace . . . the gym. . . the classroom. . . healthcare facilities . . . regardless of how and where pathogens are transmitted, the potential risk of being exposed surrounds us every day.

As a clinician for over 30 years, I’m proud to say that Safety Net LLC provides ‘Solutions that Save Lives’. Our proven safety solutions and unique products protect caregivers and improve the outcomes of patients in all areas of healthcare. Safety Net provides solutions that address complications of immobility in addition to reducing healthcare acquired infections. Our goal is to provide a safer and healthier environment where you work . . . where you play . . . where you live. We measure our success by knowing that we can help improve the life of each person we serve so that they may breathe a little easier.”

Safety Net Professional Advisory Board

Ronald Figueredo MD., MSPH
Zachary Romano BA., PharmD