UV Disinfection

New advanced UV disinfection technology and UV-C solutions that promote a safer post-pandemic work environment. Ranging from UV chambers to UV robots, our lineup of UV products is sure to fill any gaps in your infection prevention protocols. For decades, UV/UV-C has been used to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Due to the technology’s roots in disinfecting Tuberculosis you’ll occasionally hear or read the term “germicidal lamp” or “germicidal enclosure.”

Two primary factors of effective UV disinfection are:

  1. Direct Exposure: UV can only kill bacteria and viruses if said bacteria is exposed to the radiation for an extended period of time. This means that the light needs to be directly on the target object without any shadowing, shadowing reduces efficacy.
  2. Duration and Output: Many UV lamps vary in how much UV is emitted at a time. The lower the dose, the longer you need the light on the target surface or object. The higher the dose of UV, the less time needed.

Safety Net takes the time to evaluate these UV devices to make sure that the above requirements are met and exceeded. Our lineup of UV disinfection products is diverse, rooted in scientific evidence, deployed intelligently, and can keep you SAFE. Explore all of our options below!

UV Enclosures for Devices

UV enclosures are perfect for high efficacy disinfection of small devices, keys, PPE, and many other high-touch items. Make disinfecting objects easy with these fantastic tools!

UV Lamps, Lights, and Mounts

Our selection of UV lamps, lights, and mounts is sure to cooperate with any environment and help to disinfect rooms, emergency vehicles, surfaces, and more!

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Microbes don’t stand a chance against concentrated UV-C wavelengths, get disinfecting TODAY.