Cleaning Accessories

The Future of Cleaning

With the wide range of ergonomic products based on microfiber technology, Greenspeed® presents complete unique tailor-made solutions for floors, walls, interior and sanitary areas. Cleaning with Greenspeed® means efficiency, sustainability and working fast, safe, and hygienic cleaning result.

Microfiber Technology

Greenspeed® professional grade microfiber is scientifically proven to clean faster, better and be more hygienic than standard grade microfiber and used extensively in healthcare facilities.

Thanks to a unique split-fiber technology, the fiber is split 100 times finer than a human hair making it a superior tool for cleaning and bacteria removal due to its ability to penetrate cracks and crevasses that cotton cloths or paper towels are not able to reach. The split fibers also increase surface area which allows fibers to absorb up to 7 to 8 times their weight in liquid.

Greenspeed® products are ideal for use when dry dusting. The fibers have a static electric charge that attracts and holds dust and light contamination.

Using Greenspeed® advanced microfiber is not only beneficial for both health and the environment, it saves money in the long-term, as Greenspeed® products can be used hundreds of times.

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