Greenspeed® Twist Mop

  • Fast cleaning of scratch-resistant floors
  • Velcro backing for fast and easy changing
  • Loop handle for No-touch removal
  • Multiple color tabs for color-coded cleaning

The Greenspeed® Twist Mop is ideal for cleaning hard floors. The long .3″ piles make the Greenspeed Twist Mop perfectly suited for tiled and other types of uneven floors.
Some mops are difficult to use on non-skid floors because of the high friction action of the fibers.

The Greenspeed Twist Mop uses an interwoven blend of 50% split microfiber and 50% polyester to reduce the friction and ensure smooth and easy use on these types of floors.

The loop handle on the side of the Twist Mop and the Velcro backing enables quick and easy changing of the mop without having to touch the dirty surface. Multiple color tabs for color coded cleaning ensures efficient and hygienic use.

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