AQUAOX™ Cleaner 112

  • AQUAOX™ Cleaner-112 is the perfect companion cleaning solution to use with Greenspeed Microfiber Products. 
  • AQUAOX™ Cleaner-112 is a great, environmentally-friendly product for cleaning and deodorizing all your toughest jobs.  
  • AQUAOX™ Cleaner-112 is a Sodium Hydroxide solution generated electrochemically from Sodium Chloride.  Sodium Hydroxide, an efficient and efficacious cleaning agent that cuts grease and cleans away unwanted organisms.
  • AQUAOX™ Cleaner-112 is perfect for use on the following areas of your home or business: kitchen (a rinse is required for surfaces in direct contact with food): finished floors, walls, appliances, sinks, countertops, garbage disposals; bathrooms: toilets, tubs, fiberglass, diaper pails, doorknobs; tough jobs: garbage cans, pet areas, vinyl siding and more!

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