Crystalusion Liquid Glass for Mobile Devices

Today’s mobile device users are more health conscious and are concerned about germs in every aspect of their lives, from grocery carts, to handrails, to mobile devices. Liquid hand sanitizers and wipes are available everywhere to help handle concerns with germs and bacteria.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is a German engineered product invented by Crystalusion in 2010 and later adopted by other companies and popularized here in the US. It has been certified by Campden BRI and has been certified to ASTM E2180 antimicrobial standards and has been laboratory tested using the ASTM C1264-05 Quantitative Single Point Scratch Test.

Our Liquid Glass product was designed with mobile devices in mind. It provides any consumer, the ability to not only protect their mobile devices from failure, but with its unique antimicrobial properties, Crystalusion Liquid Glass can be applied over the entire surface of the device, creating a shield that not only makes the screen 600% harder to prevent breakage, but also provides the ability to inhibit germs and viruses over the whole device for up to 12 months.

It is the most innovative screen and device protection developed using nano technology and with its unique antibacterial and abrasion-resistant properties, has been adopted for use in healthcare and food services markets where germ protection is a must.

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An invisible, nanotechnology solution for extended antimicrobial protection on mobile devices, microscopes, tablets, eyeglasses, safety goggles, and more. Get protected today!

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3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Clean

Clean the entire device with the cloth in sachet 1.

Step 2 - Apply

Apply Crystalusion to the entire device with the cloth in sachet 2.

Step 3 - Wait

Allow the device to dry for at least 5 minutes.

Technological Benefits

– The technology creates a hydrophobic and simultaneously an oleophobic layer where water or any oil based substance is unable to penetrate and adhere to the protected surface. (Hydrophobic + Oleophobic = superphobic)

-The Liquid Glass layer is 200 times more flexible making it suitable for both hard and soft surfaces. Moreover, this flexibility ensures that the surface retains its original properties preventing any alteration to its look and feel.

-Liquid Glass Nanotech layers are acid and alkaline resistant.

-Liquid Glass Nanotech layers can withstand extreme temperature conditions: -90 C to 749 C.

Crystalusion Biostatic Antimicrobial Liquid Glass

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