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Re-think hand sanitizers

mPulse hand sanitizer is above the competition. Residual antimicrobial properties that stay on your hands in-between hand washings. Use less sanitizer to achieve more. Say goodbye to those alcohol and carcinogen riddled sanitizers, say hello to mPulse. Enter your email and a rep will be in touch right away.

Extended Antimicrobial protection

Quick points

-Kills 99.99% of germs on contact

-Skin will not dry out, crack, or remove natural oils from the skin. Offers a soothing alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers.

-Proprietary formula increases germ killing effectiveness over time and repeated use.

-Studies prove it is effective against Human Corona Virus

-Protects against dirt, oil, and grease buildup between hand washings (mechanics this is amazing for you!).

-Foaming liquid for luxurious feel.

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