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A New Standard for Infection Prevention

Combining evidence-based infection control strategies supported by agencies such as the CDC, EPA, and FDA with tactics to put the minds of facility leadership and occupants at ease,  our NEW Enhanced Disinfection Program (EHD) is a total solution and should be recognized as the “gold” standard in the fight against infectious diseases.

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Front-Door Policy

Every successful infection prevention strategy starts at the front door.

Bio-Protection Mitigation Strategy

A top-to-bottom environmental mitigation strategy encompasses regular consultation and training, air purification, UV disinfection, hand hygiene, whole room touchless disinfection, targeted disinfection, and eco-friendly disinfectants and antimicrobials.

A Long-Term Strategy for Success

Utilizing the partnerships we’ve formed throughout the past decade; we’ve outfitted the Enhanced Disinfection Program with the best hospital-grade technologies and solutions out there with “tomorrow” in mind. Leaving no gaps in your infection prevention protocols.

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