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Front-Door Policy

It is widely recognized that most of the spread of infections in businesses including healthcare is brought in from the outside by employees, visitors, and patrons. 4 solutions make up our “front door policy” which is designed for a mostly contactless experience and a comprehensive defense strategy at your points of entry. Another key feature of this policy is that it is fully OSHA compliant. You will avoid fines and community-based infections by implementing and executing this prong of our Enhanced Disinfection Program.

Front-Door Policy Products

The Macro

A door-frame thermal temperature detector with audio/light indicators detects visitors with fevers which is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 and other dangerous infectious diseases.

The Tantum

A smaller thermal temperature detector with built-in "face-with-mask" facial recognition software. In additon to facial recognition tech, the Tantum has data tracking/recordkeeping capabilities that work wonders for OSHA compliance.

The ExpressPro

A rapid UV disinfection station designed to achieve a 5-Log kill on mobile devices and smaller high-touch items. Our hands are only as clean as what we hold in them, the ExpressPro compliments and improves hand-hygiene stations ten-fold.

mPulse Hand Sanitizer

Rethink hand sanitizers with mPulse. A soothing, alcohol-free hand sanitizer with antimicrobial properties that protect residually, even in-between hand washings. Protection lasts up to 8 hours.

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