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Disinfect with Ease

Safety Net's air-assisted electrostatic sprayers allow you to spray & disinfect surfaces with ease and efficiency. Achieving complete coverage on whatever target you are disinfecting and guaranteeing peace of mind. Multiple options to choose from from portable and cordless to a more industrial level sprayer. Put those spray bottles away, the future is here.

electrostatic coverage

360-degree Coverage

When applying disinfectants to objects and surfaces, our electrostatic spray guns will achieve total coverage. There's nowhere for microbes to hide!

Durability that LASTS

A common issue with most electrostatic spray guns is that they're poorly made. Our sprayers are American made and outlast the competition, saving you money in the long run! Strengthen your defenses.

Create a Sustainable Future

Traditional spray & wipe methods are outdated. Electrostatics allow you drastically reduce waste and use less solutions to achieve more. Let's do our part to leave the Earth better than we found it. 

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Jump to our blog page to find out more factual information surrounding infection prevention and ways to move towards a more environmentally friendly future. Continuous education and auditing of procedures/practices is a staple of Safety Net. Find out more below