What are Aquaox Solutions?

AQUAOX™ solutions are Electrochemical Activated (ECA) water solutions that provide no-residue cleaning and hospital-level disinfection.  Aquaox 112 Cleaner is a non-hazardous chlorine-free liquid formulation that does not produce fumes or contains hazardous “butyl” solvents or other potentially dangerous substances such as phosphates or ammonia. It is a 200 ppm Sodium Hydroxide solution with a minimum pH of 11 and is an effective cleaning and degreasing agent that is used in medical, institutional, industrial and commercial applications.

The Aquaox 275 and 525 Disinfectants are produced at a near neutral pH where the predominant antimicrobial agent is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), an efficient and efficacious species of chlorine that kills bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses, and spores without dangerous chemicals.