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 Cincinnati company on the front lines helping prevent further coronavirus outbreak


Mar. 10, 2020

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 As the coronavirus outbreak continues to expand in the U.S. and around the world, phones at a West Chester, Ohio, company haven’t stopped ringing. Hospitals, local governments, long term care facilities and even churches worldwide are turning to Ron Romano and his company Safety Net for advice and help.

“It’s been crazy,” says Romano, whose company provides disinfection solutions to reduce and prevent the spread of infections like the coronavirus. “Inquiries really picked up when the virus hit Italy.”

Organizations are looking for information and advice about the right equipment and products they need to combat a potential outbreak, says Romano.

“We went through the same thing with the Ebola virus in 2018,” he says. “When there’s a wide-spread outbreak, organizations want to know how to treat areas quickly and safely, and the right products to use.”

He sees many organizations turning to electrostatic sprayers as their product of choice. When used with the right disinfectant, areas can be treated quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

The sprayer electrostatically charges the disinfectant mist. That allows it to evenly coat and wrap around the visible surface, along with the underside and backside of the objects, too. “Viruses are easy to kill. The problem is knowing where they are,” says Romano. “The electrostatic charge means the disinfectant gets into every nook and cranny,” says Romano.

Most disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs, but Romano says the tiny percent it doesn’t kill can be enough to allow a virus to spread. That’s why he recommends products that kill 99.9999% of germs, such as Noryxycdiff, which he carries.

An outbreak like the coronavirus often helps organizations see gaps in their infection control protocols. In a hospital, high-touch devices like phones, tablets, employee badges, and things used in daily patient care are unintended and forgotten carriers of germs that easily get passed along. “Whatever’s on the surface of that device will end up on a nurse’s hands and then on patients,” says Romano.

More than 200 hospitals across the country have purchased germicide enclosures, also known as ultraviolet (UV) boxes to help eliminate that gap. High-touch devices are placed in the UV box, which is about the size of a small microwave. Inside the box, UV light safely disinfects devices in 55 seconds.

It’s not just healthcare facilities tightening their infection control protocols. Romano has talked with major airlines who need to disinfect planes quickly between flights. Municipalities like Avon Lake, Ohio, which depends on his products to disinfect police squad cars, ambulances, and other municipal buildings, want solutions for busses and public spaces, too. Schools and gyms are also hotbeds for contamination.

If there’s a silver lining to any viral outbreak, Romano says it’s the opportunity to educate people about disinfection. “So much gets misrepresented,” he says.

For instance, disinfectants don’t work instantly. When a disinfectant is wiped or sprayed on a surface, it needs to stay on the surface and be allowed to air dry. “You see a lot of people wiping a surface dry, which defeats the purpose.”


About Safety Net

Safety Net, LLC is a privately held company based in West Chester Ohio. They provide solutions to achieve safer care environments for patients and residents in hospitals and long-term care facilities, as well as for consumers in community settings such as homes and businesses. Safety Net offers many years of experience and a suite of unique products that have provided proven results in significantly reducing infections in every healthcare setting. Our specialty is infection prevention, but safe environments don’t stop there. We also provide easy access solutions in kitchens and bathrooms for those with limited mobility. For more information, please visit