Accustat ST/BMS/PR  – Room Pressure Monitors

Accurate pressurization is a vital step in creating compliant, controlled and safe medical isolation environments.  The Accustat Room Pressure Monitor is designed specifically for monitoring negative or positive pressure differentials in hospital and critical care applications where reliability matters.

Accustat ST – Easily installed outside isolation rooms, the ST displays positive and negative room pressure in inches or pascal and provides audible and visual alarms.

Accustat BMS – In addition to the  ST features, the BMS directly interfaces with the building management system through a 4-20 mA analog output.

Accustat PR – With all the Standard Accustat features, the PR is used in combination with the EXC7 and Ecophan isolation room fan filter unit to automatically maintain client programmed room pressurization set points.

Accustat P2 – Portalbe Room Pressure Monitor

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