AUVS BP 3131

Introducing the AUVS BP 3131, the commercialized version of the Department of Defense (DoD) Flowing Air HVAC Pathogen Disinfection Systems. Prior to the development of the BP 3131, Dr. Wayne Clark was approached by DARPA to develop technology for the Immune Building Program. During this time he developed the predecessor to the BP 3131, a technology called the BioProtector.

The AUVS BP 3131 technology is based on an patented, innovative UV enhancement or “photon multiplication” technology that permits the use of relatively low power UV sources to achieve high microbial kills. This technology permits the creation of very intense, highly uniform UV doses without increasing the input power.

How this technology works:

-inactivation of microorganisms by UV requires deposition of an amount of UV energy that depends on the target organism.

-UV dose is the product of the instantaneous applied UV power and the time it is applied: Dose = UV Power x Time

-The BP 3131 products accomplish disinfection of rapidly moving air using a highly reflective chamber to contain and multiply the flux from high power UV lamps.

-The size of the chamber is designed to provide adequate dose for a specified airflow volume. Specifically, a given airflow volume along with the size of the chamber defines an airflow velocity in ft/min and a dwell time in the chamber in seconds. This in turn, along with the UV power defines the dose accumulated by a volume of air and the resulting level of disinfection.

Backing up the Claims with Bio-Testing Single Pass Test

1.) Aerosolized testing determines kill level of known quantities.

2.) Quantified SARS-Corona and Staphylococcus aureus is aerosolized, sent through this testing unit, then passes into the BioProtector 3131 (BP).

3.) Very intense and uniform UV-C flux kills/sterilizes on a single pass.

4.) SARS-Corona and Staphylococcus aureus are captured after passing through the BP 3131, quantity counted, log kill determined.

Single Pass Test Results

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