GermAway UV Raider

The GermAway UV Raider in-room air sanitizer brings 35 watts of UV-C 254nm irradiation and an ultra-quiet 300 cm fan together with a true HEPA MERV 8 pre-filter to eliminate bacteria, odors, VOCs, and other harmful microbial contaminants from rooms of all sizes.

High quality powder coated finish and industrial construction guarantees durability for years to come. The activated carbon filter targets harmful VOCs found in paint, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals present in homes and businesses. This incredible device produces zero Ozone and can filter enough air to cover up to 1125 square feet of rooms.

Our UV Articles

Reducing Crop Waste Through Better Infection Prevention

Food and crop waste affect not only the farmers and agriculture workers who grow them but also ordinary consumers. Findings from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN estimate the global volume of food wastage at 1.6 billion tons. The edible part of this wastage amounts to 1.3 billion tons. This tells us that not only is a lot of food and agriculture going to waste but it could also still be consumed by many in nutrient-poor areas.

Biotrexx 247 vs. Mold/Fungus/Mildew

When you’re green, you’re growing. When you’re ripe, you rot.” Ray Kroc The general philosophy of the consumer has shifted as of late. More health conscious than ever, shoppers choose natural foods grown without preservatives, pesticides, or fertilizers. With natural foods in high demand, natural obstacles will arise, and producers should do what they can […]