GermAway UV Wall Mount Air Purifier & Filter

The GermAway UV Wall Mountable Air Purifier & Filter is the latest high tech air purifier from GermAway UV. Using advanced UV-C disinfection to cleanse the air in a room beyond the level of cleanliness achieved by traditional air filters, this device is perfect for in the home, classroom, or office. Some key features of this product include:

  • Multiple Stage Purification System
  • Extensive Coverage (160 square feet)
  • Automatic air detection sensors
  • Double fan system
  • Timed sleep function.

Some key benefits of this unique air purifier is the creation of clean and sanitized air around the environment. It is equipped for a fragrance dispenser and can be seamlessly integrated anywhere. The 4-part filter begins with a nano silver antibacterial gel filter which removes and kills bacteria. Then the bacteria will hit the HEPA filter which eliminates finer particles up to 2.5 micrometers in size. A honey comb activated carbon filter eliminates and absorbs odors and gases. The cold catalyst filter removes volatile organic compounds and then pushes clean air out on the other end.

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