KleenEdge Curtain Protocol

Everyone touches the privacy curtain and studies have shown that they are often contaminated after just two weeks which is where KleenEdge curtain protocol comes in. KleenEdge curtains with NFC tags offer a curtain monitoring and management solution that helps simplify operations and reduces curtain acquisition, inventory & labor costs. This platform ensures real-time data on one of the top high-risk touchpoints in the patient zone.

  • Reduce curtain install time up to 90%, eliminate ladder and injury risk.
  • 100% recyclable curtain eliminates laundering.
  • Enhance inventory management with accurate stock requirement data.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard analytics provides real-time data that can be used for staff and leadership reporting.

How the Software Works

The KleenEdge curtain protocol software portal allows users to customize protocols and alerts. Scanned curtain tag data in the field is delivered back to the app in real-time. This will help environmental & infection control managers stay on top of their exchanges and inventory. Notifications sent to maintenance or environmental services staff will help identify the exact exchange locations along with curtain sizes and descriptions. Eliminate manual documentation and reduce labor by more than 95%.