Map 400/800

The MICROCON® MAP is a high capacity mobile HEPA air purifier specifically designed to remove hazardous airborne microbial particulate in hospital and healthcare environments. Greatly improve breathing zone air quality within a patient room using HEPA filtration with our unique CIRCUMFLOW® air distribution pattern.

The MICROCON® MAP intakes air from the top of the unit in a 360 degree direction from within the “breathing zone”. This zone measures anywhere from 3 ft. to 7 ft. from the floor level. Eliminating sub micron-size infectious airborne particles from this zone reduces airborne microbial migration and the risk of inhalation. The addition of a ‘vent block-out kit’ allows for creation of negative or positive pressure isolation rooms.

Available in two models, the MICROCON® MAP400 and MAP800 both meet CDC requirements for HEPA filtration and exceed guidelines for recommended room air changes within one hour.