Pressalit Spaces Navigator

Pressalit SPACES is a digital solution from Pressalit Care designed to communicate and visualize specific bathroom layouts suitable for people with disabilities.

Our goal is to give you insight into the flexibility that Pressalit Care’s wide assortment of individual solutions offer residents in various types of institutions and homes – illustrated by concrete examples of layouts suitable for hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities as well as private homes.

Besides presenting specific suggestions for suitable bathroom solutions, Pressalit SPACES provides detailed information on the ergonomic qualities, adjustment options, designs as well as test methods of our bathroom solutions. In that way, we provide you with key insight into the many possibilities the Pressalit Care wide range of products offers to design the optimal bathroom layout for users – whether they are disabled, private citizens in their own homes or patients in a hospital with a physical disability for a limited period of time due to injury.

Welcome to our new, visual universe Pressalit SPACES – an inspiring world full of possibilities!