AUVS: Science, Experience and Innovation

Drug-resistant superbugs associated with HAIs are killed by the destructive effects of the UV 254 nm germicidal wavelength used in the Safety Net AUVS KR615.

The KR615 UV Box was developed specifically to address the spread of infection in healthcare environments.

The patented technology utilizes UV radiation to create a homogeneous flux of photons to sanitize items. Its innovative UV enhancement or “photon multiplication” technology permits the use of relatively low power UV sources to achieve high microbial kill levels.

This technology permits the creation of very intense, highly uniform UV doses without increasing the input power. In addition, the Safety Net AUVS’ reflective cavity technology is designed to assure that the UV energy reflects to every location in the cavity from every direction.

The system is set for a 48-second cycle. At that duration, the KR615 effectively destroys one of the most problematic contaminants – C. diff.

Odors and Corrosives

Wipes with bleach solutions produce an offensive odor. Bleaches and similar disinfectants are hard on the skin and may be corrosive to medical equipment surfaces.

Towels soaked in disinfectants present similar issues and have been cited by the FDA, CDC, EPA and OSHA as having the potential to pit and corrode electronic medical equipment.

The KR615 produces no offensive odors; results in no discomfort for healthcare workers and poses no threat to electronic medical equipment. Healthcare workers will gladly use the Safety Net AUVS KR615.

Environmental Impact

A typical 200 bed hospital will send almost 5 truckloads of germicidal C. diff wipes to local landfills over a 10 year period. The Safety Net AUVS KR615 produces no ongoing waste. Landfill dumping and related costs are completely eliminated, making it not only a green solution but a completely sustainable environmental strategy.