AirSoap Data Sheet


“After considerable evaluation and comparison with other units, Jay and I ordered the Airsoap electronic wind air purifier. We were looking for a unit that would clear the air of allergens, bacteria, and viruses that would be unobtrusive, quiet, and not clean out our pockets. We’ve had the unit for-almost a month and It appears that it is providing our needs and more. My husband noted the air seemed to be fresher within the first day. We’re now considering an additional unit for our great room. We highly recommend the unit.”

Taking a unique approach to air purification, the AirSoap™️ utilizes adapted ionic wind technology (termed ElectricWind™️) that generates a high energy plasma field that kills bacteria and polarizes airborne particles. Traditional, HEPA filter air purifiers are expensive to replace and if not done so regularly can cause additional pollution in the environment.

The AirSoap has some key features that separate it from the competition. Having a nearly silent operation allows your air to be clean without noise pollution. Instead of trying to force the particles through the HEPA filters, the ElectricWind™️ technology system is highly efficient that uses electricity to capture germs instead. The collection plates reduce waste and save money, more importantly, they save you time.

Unlike filter-based air purifiers that get louder the more powerful they are, the AirSoap is whisper quiet. The decrease in noise is due to the fact that the system is using electricity to capture germs as opposed to forcing air through a filter. This amazing device can spin the fan slower and quieter while it processes the same volume of air compared with traditional filter-based systems.

AirSoap is a singular solution with easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe collecting plates, eliminating the costly expense associated with changing the filters on traditional air purifiers. Replacing existing air purifiers with AirSoap can reduce power consumption costs by half, due to its efficient airflow design, while still filtering out germs, allergens, and pollutants better than HEPA based solutions.