Ecophan Blower Module

The Ecophan blower module is used primarily for re-circulation or creation of negative and positive isolation room pressure environments. Utilizing ‘intelligent’ motor technology, the Ecophan offers energy savings along with automated operation where exact room pressurization monitoring is required to maintain uninterrupted positive or negative pressure environments. Combine the Ecophan with our Microcon® ExC7 HEPA filtration unit and Accustat room pressure monitor for complete negative or positive isolation room solutions.

Intelligent motor offers automation and energy savings. Combine with ExC7 Filter module for HEPA/UV air purification. The Ecophan blower module is ceiling mounted and easily installed for multiple air flow configurations. Automated Operation with ACCUSTAT™ ‘PR’ Isolation Room Monitor.  Dual voltage, variable speed blower (delivered) range from 0 to 850 CFM.   12” inlet and outlet exhaust duct collars

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