GermAway UV Centurion

The Centurion High Occupancy UV Air Sanitizer & Disinfection System utilizes UV-C 253.7nm irradiation, MERV 13 filtration, and leading edge blower developments to turn your room or building into a safe, virus, and contaminate free space to breath.

Standard commercial HVAC systems replenish the air in an average 15′ x 15′ x 7.5′ room 2-4 times per hour when running full time in the summer. Air is not disinfected but it at least goes through a single layer of filtration. Contrary to standard HVAC, the GermAway UV Centurion decontaminates, filters, and disinfects the air in the same sized room 21+ times per hour or once every 2 minutes and 48 seconds year-round.

Leverage the incredible power of the Centurion to breath easier in your indoor environment.

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