A Deep Dive into Crystalusion Liquid Glass

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water…Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

It’s happened before, and it will happen again. You’ve dropped your phone only from a couple of feet high, the screen shatters, and now you’re upset because your precious mobile device is aesthetically unpleasing. You’ve also taken your phone to the bathroom for essential “me time” and scrolled endlessly on the throne, which is, quite frankly, disgusting.

Over the past several years, a new product has emerged, Crystalusion Liquid Glass, which is positioned to overtake the mobile device screen protection market and is an advanced solution that quickly solves both of these issues and allows the user peace of mind. Liquid Glass is an invisible product that can be rubbed onto any cell phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s a nano-liquid, or essentially microscopic particles of glass suspended in a liquid solution that, when dry, enhances the molecular chemistry of the device screen so it can better withstand cracks and breaks. Crystalusion Liquid Glass contains many benefits over the traditional screen protectors and other liquid glass products that are out there and once applied, protects for up to 12 months, which makes it the best choice when looking to protect your mobile device, yourself, laptops, sunglasses, scopes, and more.

How Liquid Glass Fills the Gaps & Strengthens Your Device

Many mobile device manufacturers create their phones with tempered glass or ceramic shields. And hats off to their teams for figuring out how to formulate an optically clear yet tough layer.

For those who don’t know, tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling [ergo, the name “tempered”], making it harder than traditional glass. Ceramic shields, on the other hand, are not glass. They are an integrated layer of nano-ceramic crystals cooked onto the front of the mobile device.

When both types of screens are viewed under a microscope, you’ll see plenty of holes and openings. These pores make the screens vulnerable to cracks, scratches, and worse…shatters when you drop your phone.

SiO2, What Is It?

Silicon [Si] is a nonmetallic chemical element in the carbon family. It makes up 22.7% of the Earth’s crust and has been associated with hardness since the 1700s. Combining Si with O2 [oxygen] will present silicon dioxide, also known as Quartz. Quartz is colorless and transparent, which are some of the primary reasons it’s used in glass manufacturing. Crystalusion Liquid Glass uses the strength and resilience of silicon dioxide to add an extra layer of protection to your device.

Crystalusion found a way to suspend these Quartz crystals in a nano-liquid [also called a nano-coating]. When applied, quantum forces draw the liquid glass molecules to the substrate layer of your screen, allowing them to bond at a molecular level where it seeps into the nooks and crannies of those pores in your device’s screen. Quite literally, filling in the gaps of your screen making it 600% harder for up to 12 months. Because this solution is technically a liquid, it is agnostic in its application. It can form on any smartphone, tablet, touchscreen, scope, any device that utilizes glass. It’s a single solution for all your gadgets.

Click here for the proof that backs these claims.

But how does a liquid stay on your phone for extended periods, say 12 months?

Intermolecular Bonding – Van der Waals Forces

Since we’re discussing things at the nano-level, let’s talk about one of the primary ways this liquid glass protects your screen for long durations without glues or resins.

Van der Waals forces were discovered by Dutch physicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals and they describe a distance-dependent interaction between atoms or molecules observed in condensed phases like liquid and solid. These forces are different from covalent bonds and ionic chemical bonds because they fluctuate in the charge density of particles. Dipoles [two poles] are created when electron density fluctuates and becomes “lop-sided” on one side of the molecule or atom.

As a result of this fluctuation, the molecules or atoms then become polarized either “positive” at one end and negative at the other [the word positive is in quotations because Van der Waals forces generally act in ‘negative & more negative’]. Much like opposing magnetic poles attract, these polarized molecules are attracted to one another and give rise to electrostatic forces. The strength of the attraction between the two polarized molecules is dependent upon the distance between them, so the closer the better.

Check out this video for a deeper understanding of Van der Waals forces and a visual:

Van der Waals Forces

Healthy Device, Healthy Life

Photo by Oliur on Unsplash

Today’s mobile device users are more health-conscious than ever before and concerned about germs in their everyday lives, from grocery carts to handrails, mobile devices, and more. Hand sanitizers, disposable face masks, and wipes are offered in abundance to help stifle cross-contamination in public spaces.

The percentage of mobile devices grow exponentially every year and are becoming even more prominent in healthcare and schools. New research highlights the risk of their presence in these environments. Combined with the personal devices being brought to work and used or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs that are becoming more widespread in schools, questions are being raised about the amount of dirt and germs attributing to health issues and absentees and what is being brought home.

Long story short, our devices are filthy! For example, research shows roughly 25,000 germs survive per square inch on your phone at a given time. Depending on what type of environment your device enters and exits determines the cleanliness of said device. Crystalusion and Safety Net recognize a demand for antimicrobial protection on mobile devices, which is why our Crystalusion Liquid Glass is so important.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass was designed with mobile devices and, most importantly, the user in mind. Crystalusion went beyond just glass protection to add an additional “antimicrobial protection” level into the nano-liquid. It allows everyone to enshrine their mobile devices with this semi-permanent nano-scale layer of protection, which in turn helps reduce cross-contamination from mobile device-to-human transmission pathways. Antimicrobial testing data on this product proves a 99.9% reduction in levels of organisms when tested with E. coli, Salmonella, and SARS-CoV-2.

EMF Protection

Over the past 25 years, modern electronics and wireless technologies have exploded, being used by over 6.6 billion people worldwide (83.72% of the population). Our mobile phones communicate by transmitting radio waves from one cell tower to the next and they generally transmit these frequencies in a range of 400-2700MHZ.

One unfortunate side effect of the smartphone era and mass adoption of mobile devices has been the increase in the EMF radiation emitted from these devices. EMF radiation is potentially harmful electromagnetic energy created by the mechanisms of cell phones and wireless devices. It has been the topic of numerous controversies because it has the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass, unlike any other liquid glass product, has considered microbes, EMF radiation, screen pores, and a slew of other vulnerabilities that modern screen protectors fail to identify. The nano-scale liquid coating seals the phone, preventing it from putting out potentially harmful radiation. Radiation testing conducted on Crystalusion Liquid Glass has proven an EMF radiation emission reduction of 80-90%. What a wonderful thing!

Best in Class Warranty

But beyond all the numerous health benefits for both you and your device, you are covered if you were to have a catastrophe and break your screen. Most “reputable” liquid glass products offer a warranty if your mobile device screen breaks. With these other products, their warranties can vary in how much they cover, and the cost of their product also varies based on the level of warranty desired. With other products, users must go out of pocket for the repair and then submit for reimbursement. 

Crystalusion Liquid Glass, on the other hand, offers an “Unlimited” screen replacement warranty for one low price well below the MSRP of any other competitive product, with local, same-day device repair where users have no out-of-pocket costs.

Endless Applications + Numerous Benefits

Bruce Lee said it best.  Crystalusion Liquid Glass is a liquid that allows it to form on any glass object or surface with uniformity. Crystalusion is much more advanced than traditional and occasionally bulky screen protectors. You can apply Crystalusion to anything with glass, and the benefits remain. We’ve consolidated the 6 major benefits of this liquid glass below:

  • 600% Harder – Diamond Tested
    • Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Qualitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and is laboratory certified to withstand up to 56N before showing visible signs of scratching – that’s 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector!
  • Device Agnostic
    • Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is 100% device agnostic owing to its unique application process. Being applied as a liquid, Crystalusion can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or touchscreen, and although it is applied as a liquid, the fluid is harmless to electronic devices. It cannot cause any manufacturer or warranty issues.
  • 100% Invisible
    • Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection will not affect any device’s viewing clarity or aesthetic look. Because the Crystalusion layer is formed at the nano-scale, it is entirely invisible to the naked eye. Because it is 100% light porous, it will not affect screen resolution or color clarity.
  • 90% Reduction in EMF Radiation
    • With so much concern about 5G and EMF radiation these days, the bond that Crystalusion Liquid Glass creates eliminates 90% of the EMF waves generated to and from your mobile device.
  • Anti-Bacteria
    • Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial and generates an invisible hygienic surface that helps to repel germs and viruses for up to 12 months. This means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer – helping to keep your device germ free. ASTM E2180 antimicrobial tests proved a 99.9% reduction in levels of organisms when tested with Salmonella, aureus and E. coli and Sars Cov-2.
  • Unlimited Screen Replacement Warranty
    • No matter what happens with your screen, Crystalusion’s unlimited screen replacement warranty has you covered. Crystalusion provides a quick, fast and comprehensive warranty service with local, same day repair with no deductible and no out of pocket costs. No matter the device or the cost of the screen repair, you are covered!

Be Water, My Friend

You can now see why Crystalusion Liquid Glass is top of the line in its respective field at the end of all this. Indeed, in a league of its own.

As science advances, our understanding of quantum mechanics solidifies. As nano-technology becomes a staple in the manufacturing of numerous products, we will look at Crystalusion Liquid Glass as the basis of better tech to come.

Protect yourself and your device, and let others know that Safety Net and Crystalusion Liquid Glass fill the gaps where it’s needed most.

About the Author

Robert Hasselfeld is an entrepreneur, consultant, and freelance writer for Safety Net.