The Health Benefits of Crystalusion Liquid Glass

A Solution to a Few Unintended Consequences of Convergent Technology

“Convergent strategic reality admits that in almost Newtonian logic, there is a very equal and opposite nefarious and dangerous side to technology that wows us for every good thing that technology provides.

Dr. Robert McCreight

First and foremost, if you haven’t read our article on the science behind Crystalusion Liquid Glass, you need to since this article won’t be discussing how the technology works in-depth. Instead, this article aims to express the two primary health benefits Crystalusion provides smartphone users.

To better understand why Crystalusion Liquid Glass is necessary for your smartphone from a health perspective, let’s put our tinfoil hats on and jump into a bit of a rabbit hole.

Conspiracy Facts

If you go to any wireless health site and toggle over to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section, you’ll see numerous questions asking, “are wireless devices and networks able to cause cancer in humans?” Or, “I saw a research paper that claimed wireless devices and networks might cause health effects. What does that mean?”

Sometimes the answer is along the lines of, “the Russian government is promoting discredited claims in an attempt to scare Americans. This includes highlighting activists whose ‘work appears not in reputable science journals but little-known reports, publications, self-published tracts, at times with copious notes of dubious significance.”[1]

However, just a little digging, you’ll find research in Nature with conclusions stating, “In general, the radio frequency energy will be transmitted to the surroundings when the mobile phone is operating. Thus, this energy can easily be absorbed by the head or any human body parts that are near to the device. Besides that, the latest 5G mobile network is new development to the world and precautions are necessary to avoid any unintended harmful consequences.”[2]

One systematic review published in PubMed also found, “The findings of this review showed that EMF radiation exposure is associated with hormonal, thermal, and cardiovascular changes among adults.” And they concluded, “More research should be conducted to identify the specific impacts of EMF radiation exposure on pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes. Healthcare providers and researchers are recommended to collaborate to improve public health through public education and updated organizational policies to limit these environmental risks by encouraging the use of safe technologies.” [3]

I’ve linked a few other studies for you to explore from well respected institutions and research platforms. These studies express the cascading concern of the health implications derived from long-term EMF radiation exposure.

  1. From the NIH:
  2. From the EPA:
  3. From The National Cancer Institute:
    1. Note that the most recently cited research on the NCI’s page is from 2018, referencing a study of RF-EMF exposure in children. In that citation, the conclusion was, “It is important to continue evaluating RF-EMF exposure in children as device use habits, exposure levels, and main contributing sources may change.”[4]
  4. The Ramazzini Study:

All of the research presented is post-2018, and most demand more studies with relevant technologies. Something to consider is that science is ever-changing. New observations, new methods, and new technologies yield new results. Science is always up for debate, and theories are subject to change if proven otherwise true.

As humans, our hubris occasionally gets the best of us. Despite our intentions being good, there are countless examples of the unintended consequences of technological advancement. Luckily, our lust for innovation and problem solving affords us the option of creating solutions.

Did I Forget to Mention Digital Dementia?

An alarming trend that is emerging from many of these EMF studies with cell phones is the association of EMF exposure being linked with what’s been termed, digital dementia.

For the past 25 years, researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s disease have been looking at the relationship between electromagnetic fields and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Finding that this relationship is potentially linked through calcium at the intracellular level.

A study conducted on this relationship found, “Electronically generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including those used in wireless communication such as cell phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters, are coherent, producing very high electric and magnetic forces, which act on the voltage sensor of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce increases in intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i. The calcium hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has shown that each of the important AD-specific and nonspecific causal elements is produced by excessive [Ca2+]i. [Ca2+]i acts in AD via excessive calcium signaling and the peroxynitrite/oxidative stress/inflammation pathway, which are each elevated by EMFs. An apparent vicious cycle in AD involves amyloid-beta protein (Aβ) and [Ca2+]i. Three types of epidemiology suggest EMF causation of AD, including early onset AD.”[5]

“To adapt to changing environments, cells must signal, and signaling requires messengers whose concentration varies with time. Filling this role, calcium ions (Ca2+) and phosphate ions have come to rule cell signaling.”[6] EMFs cause cells to produce an excess of calcium signals which can cause vascular and cognitive impairments. What would happen over decades of exposure to these frequencies?

Today, Americans spend an average of 5.3 hours on their phones each day.[7] Some quick back of the napkin math will show you that’s 1,934.5 hours per year. Over the course of a lifetime (assuming 70 years of life) that’s 134,415 hours of exposure if you maintain the usage numbers. We have no way of quantifying the health implications of these numbers yet. We are however, beginning to recognize trends with EMFs and health that are unsavory. Solutions must arise to combat these trends, especially as we continue to ramp up our smart devices, wearable technologies, and someday soon, electronic implants.

Nanotechnology Proven to Reduce EMF Emissions

The FCC has stated, “The FCC limit for public exposure from cellular telephones is a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6W/kg.).”[8] Regardless of these regulations, knowing that these smartphones are actively emitting low levels of EMF radiation should concern us.

Especially as these devices become more powerful. Just because airbag technology in vehicles improves doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wear our seatbelts for now.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is a one-stop-shop for eliminating up to 90% of the EMF radiation coming from your phone. Tests were conducted on the Crystalusion product in August 2017 at MicroBio Laboratory in the UK. For the testing, three smartphones and a smart tablet of multiple brands were tested for Radiation Emission using an Electromagnetic Radiation Detector DT1130 and for conversion from standard Hz to W/Kg to confirm SARS measurement standards.

Before application of the Crystalusion Liquid Glass nano-coating, the devices were emitting the following levels of EMFs:

Mobile 1Mobile 2Mobile 3Tablet 1
1.0 W/Kg1.1 W/Kg1.3 W/Kg1.3 W/Kg
Table 1 – Radiation Emission Before Coating

Post application of Crystalusion, the following results were witnessed:

Mobile Mobile 2Mobile 3Tablet 1
0.2 W/Kg0.3 W/Kg0.5 W/Kg0.3 W/Kg
Table 2 – Radiation Emission After Coating

The laboratory testing concluded that overall, the coating application reduced EMF emissions on smart devices by up to 80-90%

An additional experiment, run by the same MicroBio Laboratory, using similar testing methods, yielded the following results:

Mobile 1Mobile 2Mobile 3Tablet 1
1.0 W/Kg1.1 W/Kg1.5 W/Kg1.3 W/Kg
Table 3 – Radiation Emission Before Coating

Mobile 1Mobile 2Mobile 3Tablet 1
0.3 W/Kg0.4 W/Kg0.5 W/Kg0.4 W/Kg
Table 4 – Radiation Emission After Coating

It is evident that Crystalusion Liquid Glass reduces EMF radiation emissions. While the verdict remains undetermined on the health implications of excessive exposure to cell phone EMF emissions, you should take advantage of this incredibly resilient nanotechnology.

*Refer to the Ramazzini Study linked above to see how EMF emissions from cell towers effected rodents at levels below the FCC’s regulations.*

Smart Devices & Wearables; Bacteria’s Air BnB

Phone Bacteria

Your hands are disgusting. However, washing our hands to rid them of bacteria is easy. For our smart devices, it’s a different story.

Few disinfectants can apply to smartphones without potentially causing corrosion, are chemical-free and safe to use, and efficacy is questionable when dealing with extended dwell times.

Systematic research has shown, “The 2 most commonly found micro-organisms were coagulase-negative staphylococci (most commonly found in 30 studies) and Staphylococcus aureus (most commonly found in 10 studies). The frequency of microbial growth varied across studies.” And that “The use of mobile phones by healthcare workers without proper disinfection may imply a risk for nosocomial infection.”[9]

Another study found, “The results of our study and evidence from previous other studies clearly show that healthcare workers’ mobile phones are potential reservoirs of microbial contamination. The microbes can be transmitted from the hands of health care workers to both, sick and healthy persons (Ferroni et al., 1998). So, it is suggested that the healthcare workers must clean their mobile phones properly at regular time intervals with any appropriate disinfectant.” [10]

Simple solutions like PhoneSoap can be a daily disinfection method for smart devices and small objects. Additionally, Crystalusion Liquid Glass provides a unique approach to cell phone hygiene through the power of nanotechnology.

Proprietary Protection

Within the nano-liquid Crystalusion Liquid Glass, the creators deploy a patented surface disinfectant that acts as a semi-permanent layer of protection. Closing the hygiene gap between hands and cell phones, Crystalusion Liquid Glass enables active infection control for an extended period.

Antimicrobial testing was conducted on this product, and three different organisms were used for the trial, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli. Three strains of each organism were used, and each organism was grown separately in Nutrient Broth. The three strains were then added together to make a single inoculum, which was done for both the Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli strains.

The conclusion of the study, conducted by Camden BRI, found, “The level of reduction observed in these studies ranged from 75% to 99.99%. In four of the six trials, the level of reduction was greater than 99%.” Crystalusion Liquid Glass (Coating NX BF 2065) was the most effective compound, with a 99.9% reduction for all three organisms (table 5).

OrganismNX BF 2065NX 1051
Staphylococcus aureus99.99%99.9%
Escherichia coli99.9%75.3%
Table 5 – Calculated % Reduction in Level of Organisms

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is in a league of its own. Protecting for extended periods of time against dangerous bacteria. If you work in healthcare, where cross contamination flourishes, protecting your smart devices with this solution is a no brainer.

A Crystal-Clear Conclusion

Based on all evidence and research, it is clear to see that mobile devices can potentially be hazardous to our health if we keep them close to us for extended periods. Some emerging studies showcase that smart devices and their applications are dangerous to our mental health. I’m sure you’ve seen the documentary The Social Dilemma at this point, if you haven’t, give it a go!

The unintended consequences of converging multiple technologies into a single item can be elusive, hopefully this article has brought some of these pitfalls to light.

Luckily, Crystalusion has researched this emerging threat to our health and in true human fashion, created a solution. A solution that provides more than EMF emission reduction and antimicrobial protection. Simulataneously providing diamond-tested durability, a first-in-class warranty, agnostic application for numerous items, is completely invisible, and protects your device for up to a year at a time.

A solution that uses cutting-edge science to combat the inadvertent issues that are a by-product of being blinded by the positive aspects of technologies.

When problems arise, people solve them. It is what we do. However, we are imperfect, sometimes incapable of containing the necessary foresight. We take a wrong turn, we stumble on the path of innovation, but eventually, we find course again and keep plugging along. We are human, mistakes are inevitable.

About Safety Net

Safety Net is an infection prevention and control company that has been in the industry since 2006. Providing unique and evidence-based approaches to reducing HAIs in the healthcare setting. We’ve recognized the need to broaden our scope into the commercial space in order to provide hospital-grade solutions to the general public.

About the Author

Robert Hasselfeld is an entrepreneur, consultant, and freelance writer for Safety Net.


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